7th week: Why I wear lolita?

This week I had to face a question - Why I wear lolita?

I have many reasons why I wear lolita!


6th week: My favorite Lolita brand

Hi! This is another post from the 52 weeks lolita challenge.

So, what lolita brand is my favorite?

This is a very hard question for me, because I love several lolita brands!

The brand I probably love the most is Porcelain Doll, which is czech indie brand. I have many beautiful pieces from this brand and I love them all! There are some skirts I own (sorry for the crappy picture, it's from my wardrobe post):


Porcelain Doll Tea Party in Olomouc

Hello! A while ago I was at the Porcelain Doll Tea Party with exhibition of Rabbitheart's pictures.

I liked this tea party a lot! It took place in Olomouc. First we were in the tea house for some time and then we went to the shop, where also the exhibition was. Pierrette and Ophelia said something about the exhibition. It was very interesting to know that all of the pictures were actually pictures of PD's products!

Here are we waiting for the opening:


Metamorphose Luckypack Opening (and Review)

Hello! Today I've received Metamorphose Summer Lucky Pack I've ordered about week ago!

First I had some problems with the order, because Metamorphose requires the money to come in one day, and although I paid on my Paypal immediately after making the order, it lasted a little bit for the money to come on the Metamorphose bank account and they canceled my order and sent the money back to me.
On the second try, I send them an email with request not to cancel my order if the money doesn't come in time. They did it, so I was able to buy my Luckypack!
It's pretty easy to communicate with them and track the status of your order (at least once you register on their site)!

Communication: 5/5

23. 6. LP ordered
25. 6. LP shipped out
28. 6. LP in czech customs
30. 6. customs received all documents they needed
2. 7. LP came to my home <3
As you can see, the shipping was really fast! I was expecting some problem at czech customs, but everything came out fine, they even didn't open my package (I'm surprised about that, because they ALWAYS open my packages, it seriously starts bothering me), although I had to pay some fee. But Metamorphose included to the package all the documents needed, so all I had to do was sign a document that I allow czech post to handle my package.
Shipping: 5/5

So, to the package!